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Slow Moving Pictures creates documentary films with roots in communities and characters.

Herb's class
Grasping the

The story of an uncommon Tai Chi class searching for balance and light. Watching this film brings the calm of doing Tai Chi Chuan.

An Ordinary Life

A glimpse into the life of Dot Fisher-Smith: mystical masterful artist, war resister, environmental activist, community presence and jailbird.

Housekeeping (3 Women)

Three Latina housekeepers talk about their families, their work, and their dreams for the future.

Heat Death in Families
Heat Death in Families

This meditation on loss and renewal chronicles two disasters to illuminate family relationships.

Patricia (Pat) Somers edits documentaries, event and music videos. She has over 12 years experience working with directors and producers to create award-winning films.

Sheep Seasons

A year in the life of a small flock of sheep as they give birth, bond and separate, grow and lose their wool. Watch the trailer for this immersive experience.

Cockatoo on Bike
Pandemic Poem

Outsider artist James Condos makes art inhabited by fantastical creatures and word play. Winner, Best Doc, Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.

Plenty to Say:

Stone was passionate about creating social protest art. Late in life, she painted murals depicting the horrors of Capitalism.

Women's March
Women's March 2019

A committed group of marchers, performers and speakers gathered on a cold and rainy January 19th to take a stand for women's rights.

pandemic poem
Pandemic Poem

This film reflects our experiences in these pandemic times and provides a calming respite through the timelessness of nature.

Way to Go
Way to Go!

Who knew that the highest working composting toilet in the US is on Mt Shasta? Learn all about it and the people who keep it going!

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